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    Cigar smoking is a tremendously popular pastime. It is an affluent and cultured hobby, which can be truly relaxing, after a tiring day at work. It has become a glamorous alternative to smoking cigarettes and is big business in the United States. If you are in Miami, you can head down to the downtown area and visit the Brickell cigar shop. This Absolute Cigar Shop has been around for more than a decade and is very popular with cigar smokers.

    Cigar Smoking Has Become a Ritual

    Cigars are considered a civilized alternative to smoking cigarettes, and do give an elevated status to smokers. It appeals to some people, who consider it to be a benchmark of higher income. While this is not exactly a fact, the variety of accessories and expensive gadgets that do accompany cigar smoking do give it some authenticity. Cigar smoking is considered a passion, and one that has assumed the status of a skilled pastime. Cigars have a flavor, which cigarette smokers are unaware of. A real cigar connoisseur will sit quietly in a room, either alone, or with a bunch of friends to get the real enjoyment of smoking cigars. It is not necessary that you have to do so, but the mere fact that you do make it into a ritual, does give smoking cigars a relaxing and bonding that cigarettes can rarely bring. Cigars are quite often associated with drinking brandy or cognac, and are essential parts of after dinner activity with those who do enjoy smoking them. It is said, that the drink helps to reduce the ashy sensation that accompanies most smoking.

    The Lighting of a Cigar Adds to the Relaxation

    There is a lot of expertise involved in smoking cigars, and one of these is lighting the cigar correctly. It is only a properly lighted cigar that will burn smoothly and evenly. A well lit cigar considerably adds to the pleasure and ritual part of cigar smoking. It is required to cut off the closed end of a cigar, so that the tobacco which is inside, is exposed. The cut has to be clean, and one which does not damage the leaves that are part of the wrapping. The cut must not be tentative as this can squeeze the ends and prevent it from lighting properly and drawing as it should. The cigar must be revolved while it is being lit so that all parts of the exposed end are lighted evenly. This will help the cigar to draw down evenly.

    Smoke a Cigar for the Pleasure That It Can Bring

    When you smoke cigars, you must never puff too hard as overheating can disturb the uniform burning of the cigar. This helps you to relax and enjoy the cigar as it is meant to be. Cigars quite often go out, and need to be re-lit, after the ash is knocked out. Cigars should never be smoked till the end as this can spoil the exquisite taste that lingers in the mouth from the cigar flavors.


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