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    Miami Cigar ShopYou may have found it difficult to please your father or husband who really loves the taste and style of cigars. You may have felt frustrated as you failed to find a gift box full of premium cigars you would know makes the perfect gift. In this article we are going to go through all the necessary information to you need to have to choose the best cigar for yourself or to give away as a gift.

    Cigar Guide

    Cigars may be hand-rolled or machine-rolled. You get them in different colors, shapes, and strengths. They come from different countries. However, size does matter when we talk about cigars. When you compare the available giant cigars with the normal one, you will see that there is a lot of difference in the two. A cigar’s size is defined by two aspects: length and ring size. The length is in inches but the ring size, also termed as cigar diameter, is measured in 64ths of an inch. Now imagine the size of the Giant style cigar. Well, its length is 9 inches and you may now imagine the ring size. It’s 52!

    You may not have known that each name of cigar is associated with a particular size. That is why the popular names Robusto, Lonsdale, Cigarillo, Perfecto, Churchill, Toro, Torpedo, Panatela, and Corona refer to different sizes of cigars.

    Hand-Rolled Ones With Colors And Shapes

    Though we are in the industrial age, a true lover of cigars may not like the idea of machine-made cigars. So getting such cigars for your dear ones is never a good choice. Of course, hand-rolled cigars may be a bit expensive but they offer the real taste of cigar smoking. Cigars come in different shapes. You may get them in tapered, pyramid or flared shape mostly. You can dream of almost any color while you choose the exterior wrapper color of the cigar. Can you imagine how many shades they may be in? Well, there are more than 100 different shades for the wrapper!

    Mild-Flavored Cigars For Beginners

    You may wonder why it is better to start buying the mild flavored ones for your husband or father. Your dear one may be going to be a cigar connoisseur but you need to be money wise also. Starting with these cigars can save you some money while your love one also gets the training of taking care of each part of cigar smoking process. Your local tobacconist may suggest a particular size. Going for the stronger flavor all on a sudden may not bring a good experience. We need to learn from mistakes about how to cut ends properly and how to light the cigar. We also need to learn how to store them so that they don’t dry. The enthusiast needs to be an artist and it needs time. So start with mild ones.

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