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    Cigar smoking is a tremendously popular pastime. It is an affluent and cultured hobby, which can be truly relaxing, after a tiring day at work. It has become a glamorous alternative to smoking cigarettes and is big business in the United States. If you are in Miami, you can head down to the downtown area and visit the Brickell cigar shop. This Absolute Cigar Shop has been around for more than a decade and is very popular with cigar smokers.

    Cigar Smoking Has Become a Ritual

    Cigars are considered a civilized alternative to smoking cigarettes, and do give an elevated status to smokers. It appeals to some people, who consider it to be a benchmark of higher income. While this is not exactly a fact, the variety of accessories and expensive gadgets that do accompany cigar smoking do give it some authenticity. Cigar smoking is considered a passion, and one that has assumed the status of a skilled pastime. Cigars have a flavor, which cigarette smokers are unaware of. A real cigar connoisseur will sit quietly in a room, either alone, or with a bunch of friends to get the real enjoyment of smoking cigars. It is not necessary that you have to do so, but the mere fact that you do make it into a ritual, does give smoking cigars a relaxing and bonding that cigarettes can rarely bring. Cigars are quite often associated with drinking brandy or cognac, and are essential parts of after dinner activity with those who do enjoy smoking them. It is said, that the drink helps to reduce the ashy sensation that accompanies most smoking.

    The Lighting of a Cigar Adds to the Relaxation

    There is a lot of expertise involved in smoking cigars, and one of these is lighting the cigar correctly. It is only a properly lighted cigar that will burn smoothly and evenly. A well lit cigar considerably adds to the pleasure and ritual part of cigar smoking. It is required to cut off the closed end of a cigar, so that the tobacco which is inside, is exposed. The cut has to be clean, and one which does not damage the leaves that are part of the wrapping. The cut must not be tentative as this can squeeze the ends and prevent it from lighting properly and drawing as it should. The cigar must be revolved while it is being lit so that all parts of the exposed end are lighted evenly. This will help the cigar to draw down evenly.

    Smoke a Cigar for the Pleasure That It Can Bring

    When you smoke cigars, you must never puff too hard as overheating can disturb the uniform burning of the cigar. This helps you to relax and enjoy the cigar as it is meant to be. Cigars quite often go out, and need to be re-lit, after the ash is knocked out. Cigars should never be smoked till the end as this can spoil the exquisite taste that lingers in the mouth from the cigar flavors.


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    It is understood that a cigar enthusiast will aim for getting the most out of his cigars. It’s quite natural. When you are offering the gift, you may also discuss the following recommendations with your husband or father. He will be happier than ever.

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    Experimentation is rewarding. The person needs to experiment with different sizes and flavors to finally get the most out of any cigar.

    You may avoid inhaling the smoke while you send puffs. You may choose to keep it in your mind not for a longer time.

    Keeping the cigars in a refrigerator is a wrong idea as they will get dry easily. You need to keep them in a humidor. That is why you can get them off of all packaging but you may need to place them according to their age. Keeping them for a few months in this condition will give an excellent flavor.

    Enjoying a cigar does not mean simple light, inhale, and exhale procedure. It takes time and taste. However, the very first thing about cigar smoking is to choose the right cigar. People would ay least appreciate your choice of cigars if you get familiar with the popular brands. When you can start with the right choice, you may go for the next parts of cutting the ends, lighting the cigar and smoking it. Well, one can start with Montecristo and Cohiba. Of course, these are Habanos cigars.

    You may have found that Montecristo No. 4 is one of the most popular cigars in the world. Montecristo has been ruling this industry since 1950. This brand takes half of the sales of Habanos’ international. The name has a history. The cigar marketers fondly named it after Alexandre Dumas’ great hero from the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo. This brand comes with different sizes and styles and so people of different tastes can easily choose one from its lines. The leaves for the cigars are collected from selected areas of the Vuelta Abajo region. This region is world famous for quality tobacco. Cigars of this brand come with long fillers and they are definitely hand-wrapped. The medium- to full-bodied Montecristo cigars are not only loved by Montecristo cigar veterans but also by anyone who loves cigars.

    The Cohiba brand of Habanos cigars was no simple brand as the world famous El Laguito factory came up with it in 1966 for their leader Fidel Castro. This brand represents this company worldwide. The Cohiba leaves are collected with special care from the San Juan Martinez and San Luis areas of the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. It is believed that this brand has made an old connection with Columbus’ men’s first landing on Cuba when they smoked the leaves. While selecting the leaves employees are very much aware of the end result to have the best taste and aroma. The Cohiba filler leaves are treated in a different way for better taste. The seco and ligero used as the filler have to undergo a third stage of fermentation. They are kept in wooden barrels so that they contain the cigar’s unique flavor. Cohiba cigars are hand-rolled and have long fillers. Among the two types of Cohibas, the 1492 line was made to honor Columbus after whose name the cigar got its name. It is medium-bodied. The other one, the classic line is medium- to full-bodied.

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    Miami Cigar ShopYou may have found it difficult to please your father or husband who really loves the taste and style of cigars. You may have felt frustrated as you failed to find a gift box full of premium cigars you would know makes the perfect gift. In this article we are going to go through all the necessary information to you need to have to choose the best cigar for yourself or to give away as a gift.

    Cigar Guide

    Cigars may be hand-rolled or machine-rolled. You get them in different colors, shapes, and strengths. They come from different countries. However, size does matter when we talk about cigars. When you compare the available giant cigars with the normal one, you will see that there is a lot of difference in the two. A cigar’s size is defined by two aspects: length and ring size. The length is in inches but the ring size, also termed as cigar diameter, is measured in 64ths of an inch. Now imagine the size of the Giant style cigar. Well, its length is 9 inches and you may now imagine the ring size. It’s 52!

    You may not have known that each name of cigar is associated with a particular size. That is why the popular names Robusto, Lonsdale, Cigarillo, Perfecto, Churchill, Toro, Torpedo, Panatela, and Corona refer to different sizes of cigars.

    Hand-Rolled Ones With Colors And Shapes

    Though we are in the industrial age, a true lover of cigars may not like the idea of machine-made cigars. So getting such cigars for your dear ones is never a good choice. Of course, hand-rolled cigars may be a bit expensive but they offer the real taste of cigar smoking. Cigars come in different shapes. You may get them in tapered, pyramid or flared shape mostly. You can dream of almost any color while you choose the exterior wrapper color of the cigar. Can you imagine how many shades they may be in? Well, there are more than 100 different shades for the wrapper!

    Mild-Flavored Cigars For Beginners

    You may wonder why it is better to start buying the mild flavored ones for your husband or father. Your dear one may be going to be a cigar connoisseur but you need to be money wise also. Starting with these cigars can save you some money while your love one also gets the training of taking care of each part of cigar smoking process. Your local tobacconist may suggest a particular size. Going for the stronger flavor all on a sudden may not bring a good experience. We need to learn from mistakes about how to cut ends properly and how to light the cigar. We also need to learn how to store them so that they don’t dry. The enthusiast needs to be an artist and it needs time. So start with mild ones.

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